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From the metro station to the office building The ThyssenKrupp Elevator Multi revolutionizes commuting

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    近期,Executives from Transport for London, London First, engineering consultants Arup, WSP, ThyssenKrupp and Weston Williamson gathered in London,Hold a panel discussion,Discuss how to transform MTR stations with the latest technology,Make it fit for 21st century travel。

    As population growth and urbanization drive more people to cities, today's panel discussion is timely。As the oldest underground transport network in the world, the London Underground is under increasing pressure。Passenger numbers have grown by 33% over the past decade, with 13 per cent a year.400 million journeys on the subway。As people's lifestyles evolve, transportation hubs are also increasingly being developed into retail and dining venues, becoming places where people want to stay rather than quickly leave。

    But moving passengers quickly and efficiently across the network is no easy task。Chris Williamson, co-founder and partner of Weston Williamson + Partners, commented: "When the subway came along,Being able to run a railroad underground is absolutely revolutionary,But as passenger demand continues to rise,These subway lines are also a huge constraint for developers because of the limited underground space。The emergence of untethered elevator technology, such as ThyssenKrupp Elevator's MULTI system, has great potential to redefine existing infrastructure and open up unprecedented new horizons for transportation between different platforms and from platform to ground。This innovation could be a game changer, solving the mobility problems that many underground transportation networks now face。More importantly, it also enables the subway station to expand further underground, and new lines can be built beneath existing lines to further increase capacity。”

    MULTI is one of the key solutions discussed in today's panel discussion。It is the world's first elevator that can run both horizontally and vertically, just like "Willy Wonka" in the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", and can truly open up new directions for transportation underground transportation hubs。MULTI breaks the 160-year reign of the cable elevator and is able to increase the capacity of the shaft by 50%。This is possible because it enables multiple cars to safely go up in one well and down in another, forming a continuous loop, with the most obvious difference for passengers being that the wait time is only 15 to 30 seconds。

    Andreas Schierenbeck, CEO of ThyssenKrupp Elevator, added: "MULTI was originally developed specifically for high-rise buildings to double elevator shaft capacity and reduce elevator footprint。But if successfully applied to the Tube, it will undoubtedly dramatically change the face of London's transport network and strengthen the UK's position as a global leader in innovation。It could also help reduce congestion in dozens of underground transport networks around the world;With this in mind, it is clear that MULTI is one of the most revolutionary new inventions of our time。”

    MULTI is currently being installed in ThyssenKrupp's new test tower in Rotweil, Germany, and is about to enter the testing phase。The first operational projects are expected to begin installation in 2017。

    About ThyssenKrupp Elevator

    The Elevator Technology business unit of ThyssenKrupp Group unites the Group's global activities in passenger transport systems。Thanks to Thyssenkrupp's engineering prowess, Thyssenkrupp Elevator has become one of the world's leading elevator companies in just 40 years, with customers in 150 countries and global sales of €7.2 billion in the 2014/2015 financial year。With more than 50,000 talented employees, the company continues to create innovative, energy-efficient products to meet the individual needs of customers。Our product range includes: passenger and cargo elevators, escalators, pedestrian walkways, passenger boarding Bridges, barrier-free elevators and lifting platforms, and tailor-made maintenance solutions for various products。An extensive sales and maintenance network of 900 business locations around the world ensures that our services accompany our customers。

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