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Thyssenkrupp Elevator has once again won four metro line projects

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From September to November 2016, ThyssenKrupp Elevator once again won four metro line projects, with a total of 466 staircases, which marked a successful end to 2016。

Changsha Metro

In September 2016, ThyssenKrupp Elevator won the bid for the first section of the Phase I project of Changsha Metro Line 4, which will provide and install 205 escalators。Relying on the strong strength of the company, ThyssenKrupp Elevator by providing cost-effective product solutions and perfect services, customized reasonable installation and construction solutions, and finally won the customer's recognition, successfully won the project。 

Changsha Rail Transit Line 4 is planned from Lianjiang Road in Wangcheng District in the northwest of the city to Songgongtang Road in Huangxing Town in the southeast of the city, with a total length of 56 kilometers, with 35 stations, of which 11 are subway line transfer stations and 3 are intercity railway transfer stations。As the backbone line of external radiation northwest and southeast of the main urban area, the first phase of the project covers the traffic corridor along the Xiangjiang River to the west, guiding the city to expand northwest and southeast, and is the backbone line of external radiation of the main urban area.Connecting important functional centers and hub areas, it is an important collection and dredging channel of urban passenger transport hub。

The line axis distance is longer, more platforms, and across the Xiangjiang River basin, the construction difficulty is high, the company needs the close cooperation of the headquarters, factories, branches, to ensure the smooth development of the work。The installation of the escalator in the first section of the Phase I project is expected to start in July 2017. At present, Changsha Branch has set up a metro special team with the general manager, project manager and sales as the core to strengthen the docking and communication with rail transit, and actively solve various problems to better serve customers。

Wuhan Metro

In October 2016, ThyssenKrupp Elevator signed a contract with Wuhan Metro Group to provide 91 and 100 escalators for Wuhan Metro Line 7 Phase 1 (Phase 2) and Line 8 Phase 1 (Batch 2), respectively。The company has been cooperating with customers for nearly 10 years, and the equipment is spread across metro Line 1, Line 2, Line 3 and Line 4, with a total number of 379 staircases。The company's quality services have won unanimous praise from customers, and in January 2016, it was named the meritorious unit of Wuhan Metro Group's Line 3 phase I project, becoming the only elevator enterprise in Wuhan that has won the honor of meritorious unit of subway project。

The first phase of Wuhan Rail Transit Line 7 is an important development axis running through the economic belt on both sides of the Yangtze River, and is also an important passenger transportation corridor connecting Hankou Wuchang and the main city crossing the river, and the initial passenger flow is expected to reach 63.80,000 people per day。The second phase of Wuhan Rail Transit Line 8 is an important channel for cross-Yangtze River passenger traffic in Wuchang central area, and plays an important role in alleviating the pressure of Bridges over the Yangtze River。

The subway planning time is tight, the task is heavy, the stations are scattered, and many stations are located in the city center, and the traffic pressure is great。To this end, the Wuhan Branch has set up a subway project management team headed by the general manager of the branch to timely and actively communicate and cooperate with customers to solve various problems in the implementation of the project anytime and anywhere。

Nanchang Metro

In November 2016, ThyssenKrupp Elevator won the bid for Nanchang Metro Line 2 (Section 3), which will provide and install 70 escalators。Previously, the company also cooperated with customers on the Nanchang Metro Line 1 project, providing 86 units of equipment。In the process of Line 1 project cooperation, the company adhering to the concept of customer first, to provide customers with high-quality products and services, has been fully recognized and affirmed by customers, for the company to win the line 2 project laid the foundation。At present, Line 2 has entered the implementation phase and is expected to be delivered to the operator in April 2017。

The 70 pieces of equipment included 15 elevators and 55 escalators。Since the inception of the project,The company overcame difficulties such as short stocking time and heavy production tasks,Actively cooperate with customers to carry out design liaison, site investigation and other work,At the same time, open a green channel for the project's escalator production,On December 13, 2016, the supply of the first batch of escalators was completed on time and with good quality,It creates prerequisites for the construction of fengshui electricity and decoration in this area,It has been highly recognized by customers,The customer praised the company for this special document。In this project, Nanchang Branch is the only supplier praised by the operator。

Due to the large flow of people in public transportation places, the frequency of use of escalators is high, and the load is large, so the standards for equipment are very high。Relying on strong manufacturing strength, advanced product technology, excellent product quality, professional installation and construction and meticulous maintenance services。Thyssenkrupp elevators are favored in the field of public transportation。At present, Thyssenkrupp elevator has been spread throughout the country's major public transportation systems, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and other major cities in the subway system, train stations, airports and other transportation hubs can see Thyssenkrupp elevator figure。

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