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Thyssenkrupp Victoria escalators are operating safely and under control

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    With the rapid development of urban construction, various transportation hubs are also emerging. As an important means of building transportation, escalators have become a beautiful landscape in public transportation hubs such as railway stations, subway stations and airports。The flow of people in public places is increasing day by day, taking Shanghai subway as an example, the daily flow of passengers has exceeded 10 million, and the safe operation of escalators has attracted more and more attention from the society。

    As the world's leading provider of escalator solutions, ThyssenKrupp Elevator's equipment is widely used in the field of public transport。The Victoria escalator is one of ThyssenKrupp's heavy-duty escalators, which last more than twice as long as a standard bus escalator in a day, with an equivalent load of about 1.5 times, has been installed in airports, subways, railway stations and many other projects, such as Beijing subway, Guangzhou subway, Shenzhen subway and so on。 Victoria escalators are equipped with multiple safety devices to ensure maximum passenger safety for high load operation of up to 20 hours per day。

    Anti-nip protection device: effective monitoring and timely stop ladder

    It is often seen that some women wear long skirts, high heels or children wear crocs to take the escalator, but they do not know that these clothes have great safety risks。According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, the proportion of children who were injured by wearing "crocs" when taking escalators is as high as 76%。Based on product functional design and national standard requirements, there are gaps between some parts of the escalator, and because the gaps are relatively small, they are often ignored。However, if you do not pay attention to it, once the skirt Angle or the tip of the shoe is involved in the gap, it is easy to occur pinch injuries。

Where exactly is this risk?Between the comb teeth and the steps, between the steps and the skirt, between the steps and the steps, will be easy to clamp foreign bodies because of gaps。Victoria escalator has specially designed corresponding safety protection devices in these parts. Once foreign objects are detected, the escalator will stop immediately to ensure the safety of passengers。

    In addition, there is also a risk of clamping injuries at the entrance of the handrail belt。Some children will be curious to put their hands or feet into the handrail into the mouth, and be brought into the handrail belt resulting in injury。In view of this, the entrance of the Victoria handrail belt adopts the protection design of double doors. When foreign objects are detected, the double doors will be fully opened to release the stuck foreign objects, and the escalator will be stopped immediately to minimize the damage to the people who are caught。Thyssenkrupp Elevator is committed to the development of safe and reliable safety protection devices for passengers to safely ride the ladder escort, handrail into the double door design is one of ThyssenKrupp elevator such patented products。 

    Fall protection measures: Multiple design guarantees passenger safety

    When taking the escalator, passengers accidentally fall or fall from the escalator is also one of the most frequent escalator accidents。To this end, Victoria uses multiple protection designs to meet the different fall protection needs of customers。

    When passengers first step on or leave the escalator, they are prone to fall due to unstable center of gravity. Therefore, the Victoria escalator can install eye-catching yellow combs at the entrance and exit of the escalator to remind passengers to pay attention to safety。In the process of taking the ladder,To reduce the risk of passengers falling off both armrests,Victoria escalators are available with 110cm high guardrail,Compared with the commonly used maximum 100 cm guardrail safety is greatly improved,同时,Victoria can also install a second layer of fall protection above the guardrail outside the guardrail,Double protection for preventing falls。In addition, the Victoria escalator entrance can also be installed with guide posts to prevent passengers from bringing oversized luggage or strollers into the escalator。 

    Overspeed or reverse running of the escalator is an important factor that causes passengers to fall down on the escalator, and it is especially necessary to stop the escalator in time。The Victoria escalator is also designed to protect it,The most critical of these are the speed monitoring device and the auxiliary brake device,The speed monitoring device can monitor in real time whether the escalator is running smoothly within the normal speed range,If caught speeding or driving the wrong way,The auxiliary brake will stop the ladder immediately,Minimize the possibility of passenger injuries,Especially the injuries caused by the escalator going backwards。

    As one of the world's leading escalator solutions providers, ThyssenKrupp Elevator always puts the safety of passengers in the first place, and adopts multiple safety protection devices in product design and manufacturing to ensure the safety of passengers。At the same time, ThyssenKrupp Elevator also reminds every passenger to standardize the behavior of taking the ladder, and safe travel depends on everyone。

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